Bimodule delivers business intelligence add-on modules to chosen operational system vendors, enabling the vendors to complement their core offerings with advanced analytics.

Business intelligence for competitiveness

In today’s competition, knowledge is the cornerstone of competitiveness. One of the most important sources of knowledge for a firm is its operational systems that record transactions incurred in firm’s day-to-day operations.

Such data usually has immense analytical potential for supporting managerial decision making, yet many of these systems lack the capabilities for analyzing the data. Consequently, the potential is often not exploited, resulting in suboptimal firm performance.

Business intelligence to operational systems

Bimodule provides business intelligence add-on modules to chosen operational systems.

Bimodule partners with the operational system vendors and develops business intelligence add-on modules providing fast, easy, and cost-effective means for adding business intelligence capabilities.

Significant added-value for operational system vendors

Bimodule offers the modules as white-label products, allowing the operational system vendors to freely brand them as their own. Further, to align incentives, Bimodule offers attractive revenue-sharing model and exclusive agreements in terms of geographical and functional scope — terms that basically offer only upside potential for the vendors.

Unparalleled end-user value proposition

With the help of Bimodule’s business intelligence add-on modules, the operational system vendors can let their customers to choose whether they want to have their operational systems coupled with advanced analytics — for only a fractional cost increment.

Such a cost-effective means of acquiring business intelligence capabilities appeals to customers of all sizes but especially to SMEs that now have a financially viable alternative to expensive and lengthy on-site implementation projects.

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